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1. I will organize photos and a summary of the recent Mexico San Quintin Well Mission trip and post in the near future.

2. We will be held the Myanmar water filter mission from December 5th to 16th. Participants include Elder Youngho Lim, Elder Jake Shim, Deacon Rick Won, and Deacon Sungman Yun from the US, and Deacon Younghyun Choi from Korea.

3. We hope that all Myanmar missionary participants will be vaccinated against hepatitis B and tetanus before leaving the country.

If you have been vaccinated and are still within the expiration date, you do not need additional vaccinations.

The cheapest way is to go to the nearest clinic and get it.

For your reference, hepatitis B requires three doses of vaccination, and tetanus requires revaccination every 10 years.

4. After this, we will make a separate Myanmar mission team chat room and notify about matters that are only applicable to the Myanmar mission team.

Hope you all have a joyful day in the Lord!

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